built technologies is a finance technology company focused on improving the construction lending industry through modern software solutions.

Founded in Nashville in 2014, Built streamlines the workflow between the lending bank, building inspectors and home builders by automating the on-site inspection and approval process. 

As soon as borrowers apply for a new loan, the Built platform begins to streamline the construction lending process. Built helps lenders manage the underwriting workflow and approval process.

By connecting borrowers, lenders and closing companies, Built simplifies the gathering and sharing of information required to close a loan quickly and successfully.

In compliance with banking regulations, inspectors can update draw sheets on-site through the mobile app and send them directly to the loan officer's desktop to authorize loan disbursement.

Not only does this save the bank the time in scheduling and managing inspections, it adds a level of compliance security that expedites the loan disbursement process. In addition, the aggregated data collected by the software can help a bank make more intelligent lending decisions.

All parties are able to manage all aspects of active loans anytime and anywhere. As a result, stakeholders are able to access valuable insights through any connected device.